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    Jan 24, 2019
    Feb 28, 2019
    Mar 28, 2019
    May 9, 2019
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    Jun 27, 2019
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City Council and City Boards meetings, Public Hearings, and Citizens to be Heard (view live and on video)

Calendar of Events (meeting dates, times, and agendas)

City Council
    Working Session
        2nd Tuesday @ 3:45 pm
    Legislative Session
        3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Civil Service Commission
    3rd Wednesday @ 3:00 pm

Historical Landmark Review Board
    2nd Wednesday @ 7:30 pm

Industrial Development Agency/Corporation for Local Development
    4th Thursday @ 5:30 pm

Municipal Arts Commission
    1st Wednesday @ 6:00 pm

Planning Board Meetings
    4th Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Zoning Board Meetings
    1st Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Citizens To Be Heard
    2nd Tuesday @ 7:30 pm

Public Hearings - when noticed

CSDNR Board of Education

NRPL Board of Trustees



Thursday, May 9, 2019
7:00-9:30 pm
2nd floor meeting hall
American Legion Hall Post 8
112 North Avenue
New Rochelle, New York 10801

(Parking is available on site, on the street,
and across the street in the church parking lot.)

Tentative Agenda

7:00-7:15 pm Announcements

7:15-7:45 pm NRPL 2019-2020 Budget Presentation, Tom Geoffino, Director

7:45-8:30 pm CSDNR 2019-2020 Budget presentation, Thomas Ryan, Interim Assistant Superintendent for Business and Administration

8:15-9:30 pm CSDNR BOE and NRPL BOT Candidate Presentations

Hope to see you all on May 9th!

Joyce Furfero, Co-Chair

News Watch
Echo Bay
Letter to City Council, re: Rutgers Study, 8/1/13
Letter to City Council, re: Rutgers Study, 8/2/13
Letter to City Council, re: FEIS, 7/23/13
Letter to City Council, re: Change in use mix, 7/23/13
Letter to City Council, re: Change in dimensions and density of building, 7/23/13
Letter to Planning Board, re: Change in use mix, 7/23/13

Letter to City Council, 7/8/13
Letter to City Council, 11/11/12
Letter to City Council, 10/10/12
Letter to City Council, 9/11/12

Deli Variances
Letter to Zoning Board, 4/3/12 add.
Letter to Zoning Board, 4/3/12
Letter to Zoning Board, 3/6/12
Letter to City Council, 2/14/12

Letter to City Council, 3/13/12

Sustainable Budgets
Budget Suggestions

Interactive Website
Comprehensive Plan

Protect Yourself
11 Pointers from NRPD

Garbage Fee
Questions and Answers

David's Island
Task Force Report

Dunkin' Donuts Variance
Letter to City Council, 10/10/11

Town Hall Meetings
Letter to City Council, 9/26/11

Iona Dormitory Issues
City Agreement with Iona
Planning Comm. Members
NRCoNA Resolution Opposing Proposed Dorm

Approved Plan and Opinion Letter

Traffic Issues
Patrick Sbano
New Rochelle Traffic Engr.

Water Pressure Issues
United Water Co.
2525 Palmer Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801
For complaints and service, call (914) 632-6900

Environmental Issues
Letter, Jun 01, 2010
GreeNR Draft Sustainability Plan
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)
Hazard Mitigation Plan (Draft)
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